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Hi everyone, welcome to my “Spur” (https://amodranjan.com) website. Like others, I am also passionate about something like, parenting, betterment of family and society, weight loss diet and reading good books that inspire our lives.

By profession, I am a senior manager in a construction company by civil engineering stream. I have hands-on experience of 25 years in construction of cement plant, paper plant, steel plant, thermal power project and nuclear power project.

My beloved wife, 1 son, 1 daughter and me are the members of my family belongs to India. Son is elder and doing job in a MNC after completing his bachelor degree in ECE and daughter studying in medical college.

Parents are potter of their children

Like others, I have also tried my level best to nurture our children with love, values and discipline.

I remember the days when we put our only son in the hostel after completion of his matriculation. His college and hostel was more than 700 km distant from the place where we were residing. First time he was going to stay away from us. From last 4 months I have started to convince him to be strong, developing friendship with unknowns and be aware of something that could be happen and what to do to come out from adverse situation. In spite of that, that moment was very uncomfortable for us and him too when we have dropped him there.

Any way, he started to stay in hostel. We regularly had to contact him over telephone to be familiar and comfortable in the new place with unknown persons. Our efforts started to work and he has completed his intermediate with good ranks. Our love, teachings, discipline and moral values cleared his path and he got the seat in engineering college. Now he started to take small decisions and also completed bachelor degree with ECE. In the campus interview he was selected by a MNC company and now he has completed his 2 years as a sincere employee.

The same situation had to come with our only daughter. But she was confident up to some extent. She had to go around 1100 km distant from us after completing her matriculation. Being a girl, we have to take care more than our son. Her every problem, we were listening very consciously and solving the issues, so that she always feel that whenever required, we would be there to help her.

She was very sincere with her study but our regular motivation was necessary to achieve her goal. We have done so very sincerely. Now the time comes when our efforts became fruitful. She had completed her intermediate (10+2) and scored within top 15% rank in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). She got admission in very reputed medical college and now continuing her study.

As every child has tremendous capability but we, as parents have to inspire and nurture them to blossom. We have to ignite their potency. A proper channelization is required to let them experience their potency. Parents are potter of their children.

Let them grow with their full potency

Again, I am repeating the phrase, “Parents are potter of their children”. In the busy life schedule, unknowingly we forget our responsibility towards family and children.

I want to help parents as well as children with some guideline and tips so that they become more intelligent, smart and capable to achieve their goal. They are future of the world. By our little efforts, they may grow with their full potency and become a responsible citizen. With our some efforts, we would be proud to be parents of our children.

World is waiting with blank canvas, we have to spread the color

Through my website “https://amodranjan.com” I would like to serve the world with my honest advice, knowledge and guidance for the better familiar life, social life, growth and guidance of children, teens and young and to all those who are in need of, I always work with the motive, “Doing good to others, will be good for me too”.

There is no age-bound for learning. Anybody can learn and perform for betterment of his life. World is waiting with blank canvas, we have to spread the color. I would like to guide in eliminating the forks that is stopping you to perform and to provide knowledge for your mental, physical and spiritual growth.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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