Lunch Box for Teens – A Review with Health Consciousness

A lunch box has a specific job to transport food from kitchen to school or workplace. When you want to have a lunch box for your teens, the first image may come in your mind is a decorated and fancy lunch box made of plastic. But at the same time you should be conscious about health of your teens while purchasing a lunch box for him (or her).

When lunch box being packed at kitchen, it might be extremely hot. Have you ever think that, how harmful is this plastic lunch box for your children?

Whenever you transfer hot foods straight from the oven, stove or microwave into a plastic lunch box, toxic components from the plastic leach into the food and make your children ill.

Although there are many type of plastics, the two main types of plastics used in dinnerware are melamine resin and polypropylene.

What we do know that, neither polypropylene nor melamine contains (extremely low) two of the toxins that have raised concern in recent years: bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates.

BPA, primarily found in a type of plastic called polycarbonate or PC, is toxic to the body in large doses and can increase your risk of breast and prostate cancer and heart disease, among other diseases. When containers made with BPA are heated, BPA levels in food have been found to increase.

Phthalates are primarily found in polyvinyl carbonate or PVC and have been found to cause problems with hormones and the reproductive system.

While purchasing a lunch box for your teens, you do have very conscious about plastic lunch box.

I suggest that you should go for copper ware or stainless steel for your lunch box otherwise you may purchase lunch box from reputed manufacturer who usually designed the box with minimum contact of plastic with foods. They do also care about the quality of plastic material used for lunch box of your children.

Lunch box made of copper is not suitable for children. They have 4-5 containers and they are neither air tight nor leak proof. Copper lunch box not yet populated in the market. Here are my suggested lunch boxes that would be safe for your teens. You can buy from market or may purchase from this website.

1. Milton Nutri Lunch Box Elegant Tiffin with Microwavable Steel Container Set 2 Pcs, 700 ml, Orange

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Capacity: 700 ml.

My Rating: 4.6 out of 5


This lunch box is an insulated stainless steel containers that will keep your food hot for long hours. It contains 2 leak lock containers.

Eating fresh and hot home-cooked food at work as well is everyone’s desire. Carry your home-cooked meals conveniently and securely with this Nutri insulated tiffin box set from Milton. The two containers let you carry your choice of meal without any worry of spillage or leakage. The zippered jacket keeps the boxes together, while its secure strap aids in portability and makes it easy for you to carry this lunch box anywhere.

These Milton lunch boxes have a leak-proof design which brings down the chances of spillage or leakage of the oil or gravies. The lids have a corner which juts out of the frame to allow easy opening of the containers.

This lunch box from Milton is designed to keep your meal hot and fresh for hours after you have packed it. The soft insulated outer jacket with zippered design seals in the heat efficiently and does not allow it to escape.

The lunch boxes are made of food grade stainless steel material. Each box keeps your food uncontaminated with its thermosteel construction which is durable and food safe. It also retains the heat of the food for a longer duration.

These containers are safe to use within the microwave oven. Take the lid off your containers and put them in the microwave to heat your food effectively.

The set of boxes are contained within a zippered jacket which helps you to easily put them together in your bag. Moreover, the jacket comes with a holding strap that allows you to carry it with ease. This makes the lunch box set conveniently portable.

Pros: Food grade stainless steel material, Leak-proof, easy to carry

Cons: Can’t keep the food hot for long time.

2. Sumeet Smart Tiffin with 2 Airtight & Leak Proof S.S. Steelexo Containers with S.S. lid + 1 Mini Utility Container + Insulated Pouch

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Capacity: 600 + 100 ml.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Sumeet Smart Tiffin carrier is ideal for carrying your lunch to the school in style. Featuring a unique seal, these containers are both air-tight and liquid-tight and retain the flavor of your food while preventing nasty spills.

The food container allows you to easily pack a nutritious lunch for your children. Sumeet Smart Tiffin carrier has First in Class Airtight, Leak Proof Container set with Stainless Steel lid. Clips are Place wide from containers to ensure easy opening. Sumeet Smart Tiffin has Food Grade Silicon Seal (Gasket) in Lid & has all 4 Sides Locks Which ensures 100% airtight containers for keeping food fresh, 100% leak proof containers for keeping food from spilling.

This Smart Tiffin comes with 2 Stainless Steel containers made from high quality Non-magnetic stainless-steel body and 1 additional plastic Container. Sumeet Smart Tiffin carrier are free from BPA (Bisphenol A) BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals.

The Smart Tiffin comes with its own insulated pouch made of thermal material insulation, which will help keep food warm for even longer. Make lunch absolutely simple because, sometimes, the rest isn’t. When your life is on the go, you can easily put together healthy, well-rounded lunches for your kids and yourself! It’s a great time saver.

Pros: Airtight Leak-proof

Cons: Not thermally insulated

3. Cello Max Fresh Super Steel Lunch Box Set, 2-Pieces, Blue

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Capacity: 700 ml.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Cello Max Fresh Super Steel Lunch Box Set comes with Superior quality stainless steel leak proof containers and compact size that fits easily in briefcase schoolbag and handbag.

It has additional pocket inside the jacket for keeping paper napkin spoon or fork and ideal for dry and semi liquid food

Cello Max has easy to clean fabric jacket, keeps food fresh for long hours

It is freezer and dishwasher safe

Leads and jacket are blue and lunch box are made of stainless Steel

Pros: Compact size, Leak-proof

Cons: Not thermally insulated

4. Milton Thermosteel Hot Meal 3 Container Lunch Box, Silver

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Capacity: 885 ml.

My Rating: 4.4 out of 5


Milton thermosteel hot meal 3 container lunch box vacuum insulated tiffin is ideal for office use but can be used for school. It is available with jacket and handle.

If you want your delicious home-cooked lunch at your work place, you can opt for this tiffin carrier from Milton to enjoy fresh food, . The sophisticated brushed steel exterior immediately commands respect for its elegant design, while the insulation keeps your food hot and enjoyable to consume for hours. It also comes with a sufficient number of containers, which let you carry an assorted meal, just like the ones you would normally enjoy at home. Take a slice of your home anywhere with you with this tiffin.

This Milton lunch box doesn’t just let you carry your lunch. It also keeps your food hot and fresh for hours at a stretch. Thanks to its insulated construction, this functional tiffin lets you enjoy hot and hygienic home-cooked meals so that you never have to rely on restaurants and cafeterias when traveling.

This functional lunch carrier from Milton comes with 3 inner containers. They let you pack an assorted meal consisting of several items such as meats, vegetables, and rice so that you get your fill of daily nutrition and enjoy your meal like you would at home.

Pros: Thermally insulated

Cons: Not leak-proof

5. Milton Leak Proof/Airtight Insulated Lunch Box with 3 Steel Containers, Orange, 200 ml Each

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Capacity: 600 ml.

My Rating: 4.6 out of 5


This product from Milton comes with Leak Proof / Airtight Insulated Lunch Box.

Milton insulated tiffin keeps food hot and fresh for long hours.

It has 3 Steel Containers each of 200 ml. capacity with leak lock lid.

Lunch box designed with a belt and handle

Pros: Thermally insulated air tight and leak-proof

Cons: No.

Own You Great One

These are the suggested lunch box for your teens. Each one is of great importance. But if I have to take one for my child, I would prefer “Milton Leak Proof/Airtight Insulated Lunch Box with 3 Steel Containers” subjected my child would be happy to carry this lunch box separately along with his school bag. Otherwise, I will prefer to buy the 1st. pick – “Milton Nutri Lunch Box Elegant Tiffin with Microwavable Steel Container Set 2 Pcs, 700 ml”.

In addition to the lunch box, you may prefer to have a good water bottle for you child. Keeping your convenience in mind, I have selected the following water bottles for your teens that are healthy for him/her.

If you have any question, or want to say something about this post, please feel free to leave your comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

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  1. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about lunch box for teens.

    From your review it’s obvious that BPA and chemicals are a real health concern, especially when these materials are heated. My wife always tells me to not put plastic containers in the microwave but I never listened, but maybe I will now.

    I have a lunch box that I bring to work and it’s stainless steel, in my opinion eating out of metal makes the food taste better. So I definitely prefer metal lunch boxes over plastic ones. Thanks for the article.

  2. This is a very explicit and exhaustive post by you, Amod Ranjan.

    I really like your explicitness and attention to details. I never realised the high level of danger my kids and I are exposed to through the use of plastic lunch boxes. I’m very appreciative of this post because I’ve been well enlightened and also acquainted by your suggestions on the best lunch boxes that are both fancy and health wisely great while keeping in mind their pricing. I will opt in for the Milton Nutri Lunch Box Elegant Tiffin with Microwavable Steel Container Set 2 Pcs, 700 ml as suggested by you for my kids. 

    thanks for this post.

  3. Hmm, nuggets of helpful knowledge in here. I must commend this information here, as is really solving some problem especially ignorance in which am also guilty of. Because I never see how plastic lauch box is very detrimental to our health before, until I read this post. I really love most of the launch box in this post as they are exceptionally beautiful especially Cello Max Fresh Super Steel Lunch Box Set, 2-Pieces, Blue which I will love to get . My question now is that which one of silver or copper lauch box is good for teens?

  4. I will gladly say that your article is very informative. This is because it opened my knowledge to ideas I have overlooked over the years, which is about knowledge of best plastics to use that is in tune with our health and those that are dangerous to health especially as it relates to the kids. 

    However, your recommendation for a lunch box made of stainless steel is very helpful. Thank you so much for your suggested products. It’s really helped and I’m making a purchase through your article. 

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